Zachary Dufresne is a contemporary photographer based out of the North Eastern United States. He began experimenting with photography in the mid 1990s. Documenting his surroundings, people, and oddities.  Taking inspiration from across many forms of photography and using them to achieve a single concept. Which is a very unique art based documentary.  

Zachary considers his main work to be a surreal documentary.  This includes every aspect of his work weather it be landscape, still life, abstract, action, or portraiture. Linking all things to one concept allows him to make photos that reach a much wider array of style and taste. His images provoke thought, and feelings with his personality ingrained into the diversity of his work.

Zachary's work has been sold all over the world into private collections  as well as being used commercially.  His work has been published and shared by some of the most elite names in the photography and the visual arts community worldwide.  Such as Fubiz, Go Minimal magazine,  Open doors gallery, The pink lemonade, Super wrong magazine and The vault gallery of fine arts. Currently working on a project set to release late summer 2018.