Zachary Dufresne is a contemporary photographer based out of the north eastern United States. Specializing in a documentary style of photography with an emphasis on artistic composition and surrealistic scenes using light and reflection in marvelous ways. He is also a creative conceptual portrait photographer.   A "self taught" photographer   Honing his skills for over twenty years forming a unique style, utilizing digital, 35mm ,and medium format  equipment.  He is an obsessed chaser of light,  and it shows through his photographs.

   His work can be found at the Vault gallery of fine arts in south Dartmouth Massachusetts, as well as in private collections around the world.    An original member of the Boston street collective. Also a contributor to Getty images. Featured works in the Army times, super wrong magazine, the pink lemonade and many online publications.

   Zachary is always interested in collaboration with other artistic mediums working with ballet dancers, Musicians, sculptors, models, writers and painters. As well as experiments in printing. He is very interested in all forms of collaboration. Please email burnhardphoto@gmail.com if interested.